If I had to describe myself, the attributes curious & dreamy would not be missing. That’s why I love wedding photography.

New people, new countries and new adventures inspire me with my work with my camera.

Nature is the perfect ‘photo studio’ for me. Hardly any mood can be captured more beautifully and radiantly than under the open sky. Meadows and trees, water, stones and rich air – the most graceful moments arise when people move where harmony is natural. It is wonderful to capture this wonderful energy in timeless images for you.


I love the world in pictures. And I love the pictures that are created on the wedding day of two souls. The emotions, which speak from the faces of the couple, the friends, the family, the intimate moments, the boisterous hours later at the dance – on this day, one not only closes the bond for life but also creates “the pictures of life”.

One of my favorite photographic phases of the wedding is the couple shooting. The intimacy creates the most beautiful memories in pictures that remain beyond the wedding day. I like to keep a part of it out in the countryside and another part in my heart to cherish.


A wonderful wedding in Salzburg perfectly captured in beautiful pictures – a magical memory – thank you very much, Claudia.
You managed to inconspicuously capture the right situation in the right place at all times – the result are pictures that could not be more beautiful.

Mann & Frau

We are so excited! We really love the pictures and are very happy. The flair of this evening paired with the naturalness of Claudia’s work have given us unique and fantastically set of beautiful pictures!

Marieke & Lars

I think Claudia Weaver is truly a unique photographer for weddings and completely what we were looking for for our wedding. Not to formal, just a lot of fun. We still remember how she suited up for the snow and just jumped in there, lying on the ground etc. to take the perfect shots.

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Marlene & Peter

We did not want to put posed wedding photos, but emotional pictures, which showed the special moments and emotions of our special day. Claudia has been with us all day, without us really perceived her. She was like a guest at our wedding and gave us memorable beautiful pictures. Thanks a lot.

Petra Thaller

Claudia Weaver is a fantastic photographer with a flair for the essentials. She has the look! No matter what we have produced together, the result has always been great. With great empathy, she always manages to capture the perfect moment with the camera.

Senem & Cenk
Senem & Cenk

We got married last year in December and had first been concerned about our wedding shooting because of the weather but despite the insatiable cold we had a great shoot together and loads of fun.

Thanks to Claudia, we did not miss anything and in spite of minus temperatures a SUPER result came about.

Outdoor as well as in the wedding location everything worked out very well, all the beautiful moments were fantastic and we were mega satisfied !!!!

In this way, we would like to thank you personally that this wonderful day was held for us so. Thanks for the great work!

Romana & Hansi

Claudia Weaver has the ability to create beautiful and living memories in form of pictures. She’s also a very warmhearted and cheerful person who just makes you feel comfortable to work with. We were super happy about the outcome of our shooting. We can highly recommend Exclusive Memories for special life events.


Susi & Benni

We are very happy that, Claudia made our wedding unforgettable with her original, funny and wonderful pictures. Through her talent to see and capture beautiful moments without self-attention, great, authentic pictures have emerged. Thanks for that!

Grega Gostincar
CEO of Visionplus Agency

I loved working with Claudia. She is great!

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