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Subtle, Tender and vivid

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I am Claudia

I am always curious about what lies ahead. Let me blend in where the action can inspire me to capture the moments with my camera.

As soon as I pick up my camera, I focus my lens on the essentials, the beautiful and touching details, and my thoughts center on creating a unique set of photos.

My travels, distant lands and new people inspire me to keep my eye for dynamic sparkling moments along with that special “something” in situations and to capture them in my pictures. On the wedding day, the perfect source of inspiration is the charisma of the bridal couple themselves.

Coming from 12 years experience in mountain-sports photography, I have a very keen eye for catching special moments when they happen.

I capture the soul, culture and the natural
beauty that defines life.
wedding photography

Unforgettable memories of your special day! I will tell your story through images in a natural and authentic manner, eternalizing your key moment.

portrait photography

I create unique portraits that show your authentic personality within natural environments; this could be your own home, nature, city, outdoors etc. There will be no fake smiles or uncomfortable posing; we let the natural setting become our own special and unique photography studio.

vacation focus

Let me join you to capture unforgettable moments and tell your story via a series of images. As your own professional photographer, I will create a ‘social documentary’ of your stay in the city of Munich, capturing your visits to special landmarks, events or just enjoying a day with friends and family. 

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I will capture all unforgettable moments
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Claudia Weaver

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